Transport tickets

Transport tickets

We enable the advance payment of transport tickets valid for CP trains, “Lisboa Viva”, “Andante Gold” Viva Card and Via Verde.


CP – Comboios de Portugal
Purchase of tickets for Alfa and InterCidades train services. This operation allows for the purchase of round-trip tickets, with or without discounts, of up to 4 tickets.
The receipt issued by the ATM serves as the boarding ticket.


Pre-purchase of Transport Tickets 
This enables the advance payment of the “Lisboa Viva” and “Andante Gold” cards for the transport operators of Lisbon and Oporto.
The ATM ensures the customer may select the transport ticket for purchase and define the period for which it remains valid.


Via Card
This operation addresses all Via Card users and cardholders authorized by the issuing bank institution to charge their Via Card card / account at any ATM.


Via Verde
This option contains a set of operations associated with the Via Verde toll-road service, which span: system activation, the replacement of a card or the cards associated with a particular identifier.