MB WAY offers cashless experience to fans of music and entertainment

SIBS and Altice Arena have just created MB WAY Beer Point, an automatic bar where visitors can take their own beer and only pay with smartphone through MB WAY. Now music and beer fans just need to take their smartphone to this iconic concert hall.

MB WAY’s purpose is to be where its users are, to give them even more convenience and comfort when they have to make purchases or payments. That’s why MB WAY has invested on developing cashless experiences in the music and entertainment territory. In September, MB WAY was a partner of Lisb-ON, allowing the festival participants to load their wristband with money directly from the smartphone; in 2016, SIBS joined Rock in Rio Lisboa for a partnership that resulted in the first cashless experience at a music festival in Portugal.

Now, users can still buy their favorite drink at Altice Arena through this payment method, without having any money or card with them. In addition, MB WAY is already one of the preferred methods to purchase tickets in several stores and platforms, such as BlueTicket.

To be part of this cashless experience, MB WAY users only need to go to MB WAY Beer Point, installed next to the bars inside the venue, and follow the instructions on the screen. Whoever has not yet joined MB WAY can do it right there in the MULTIBANCO ATM, installed for that purpose next to MB WAY Beer Point.

Launched in 2015, MB WAY offers to its users a set of features that make their daily life easier, such as instant transfers, online and in-app purchases, virtual card generation (MB NET) and cardless cash withdrawals. Since November 15th, users with android devices, can also pay with NFC MB WAY in stores able to accept this payment method.

Currently, the service has about half a million users who make around 1 million operations per month, equivalent to 30 million euros per month.